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Script Services

So you need a writer?  Someone who can bring life and vibrancy to the page?


Good news!  David exhudes fresh energy and a distinct writing voice.  Whether you need the perfect wording for your next commercial, or would like to commission a new work, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.


As a trained playwright and screenwriter, David Ellis delivers.  His background as an actor enhances his understanding of the artform, enabling him to truly get inside the mind of his characters.  As a result, David's scripts are an actor's paradise, rich in subtext and dripping with drama. 

Feature Films:

Full-Length Plays:


Are you a theatre director looking for fresh material?  David currently has several works awaiting direction by the bold and adventurous.


The Berry Bush: Three brothers struggle to survive after the sawmill, the only job in town, shuts down.  But before they can save themselves, they must first break free from the ghosts of their past.  Setting: A cabin in the woods, Rural Montana.  Genre: A surreal dramatic mystery.


The Prize: This abusrdist comedy follows two high-powered, sister-novelists as they compete for love, fame and fortune. Love triangles, sneaky schemes and amazing alliterations abound as the sisters set their eyes on literature's ultimate prize: The Gudenhorfdorf!


New works can be commissioned upon request.

David's first feature length screenplay, Remme's Ride, is sold and currently being produced by Fools Gold Productions.  To learn more visit:


New works can be commissioned upon request.

David works with your company to write a piece that will showcase your products or services in a glowing light.

Short Films and Plays:

David has written many short works for both stage and screen.  He can do so for you too.

Remme's Ride is just one of David's screenplays racing to get out of the gate!


Script Services are non-union and negotiable.  Please submit your project needs through the contact page.

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